BECS 2022 – 2nd International Workshop on Big data driven Edge Cloud Services


A guide for quantum web services deployment

Jaime Alvarado-Valiente, Javier Romero-Álvarez, José García-Alonso and Juan M. Murillo


The Quantum Computing paradigm is emerging to address problems that classical computers cannot reach. To the point that it is already generating interest in the scientific and industrial communities. In this tutorial we will offer an introductory view on how quantum algorithms can be integrated with classical web engineering solutions. Specifically, we will show how to encapsulate quantum algorithms into web services, how these web services can be deployed (using the Amazon Braket platform for quantum computing), and invoked through classical web services endpoints. Additionally, we will show a way to address some of the current limitations of quantum computers in terms of web services using a Quantum API Gateway. Participants will get an overview of this approach and will understand how quantum web services may become a valuable part of future ecosystems. To follow the hands-on part of this tutorial, a laptop with a text editor, a Python installation and an Amazon Web Services account would be needed. You can find a guide with the steps to follow to prepare the environment at this link.