ICWE 2022 – KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Pietro Leo


Active Intelligence

Time:  Thursday, 6th July, 2022,  10.00-11.00  
Pietro Leo


Abstract: What is Active Intelligence? How a number of AI tools already support our everyday life decisions at work, at school and at home, helping us reach both our long-term and short-term goals. But what if there were AI systems that could go a step further and take care of us? Active Intelligence can fill this gap, but they also have their own risks and consequences.


Bio: I advise companies that want to embrace this new reality of data-driven and highly automated world. Together, we design interactive platforms and real-time systems that empower them and their customers to make better decisions. My expertise is the future of artificial intelligence, big data, and advanced analytics and in general technology innovation blending research & business perspectives.

For the last 27 years, I have worked with corporate clients as well as with many successful and exciting startups in multiple industrial domains including Public sector, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Banking, Insurance, Telco, Oil & Gas, Travel & Transportation, Media & Entertainment

I leaded multidisciplinary teams and designed interactive platforms and real-time systems to make better decisions acting as technical leader and data scientist in several projects whose overall effort size is over 150 years/man, working both at the national and international levels.

As IBM Italy thought leader for AI I helped firms to implement a number mission-critical projects and implement their advanced analytics, artificial intelligence strategy and data-centric culture. 

As IBM Academy of Technology member and former IBM Academy of Technology Global Technical Program leading a team of 30 IBM global technical senior leaders, including IBM Fellows as well as IBM Distinguished Engineers, I provided consultancy to the IBM senior executive board members as well as IBM’s client C-Suites. Appointed in multiple boards and technical councils: IBM Academy of Technology member in 2006, IBM Executive Architect top certification in 2003, Distinguished IT Architect from Open Group and member of UNI/ISO SC42 on Artificial Intelligence standardization international committee since 2018. I support European Union programs as technical evaluator expert.

Adjunct University Professor for Emerging Technology and Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Univ. of Bari and as, IBM academy ambassador, I regularly lecture on artificial intelligence, big data and technology innovation at top university courses in major universities in Europe and, direct IBM Italy Center of Advanced Studies.

I speak at corporate events and top conferences around the globe. Author or co-author of about 70 scientific/technical publications as well as co-author of two IBM books edited by IBM Redbooks. Received multiple degrees in Computing Science and Applied Artificial Intelligence and received more than a dozen of awards for high technical achievements from IBM.

I live in Italy as a base, travelling in US, Europe and China for consulting. www.pieroleo.com